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short bio

Independent artist, creator of oilpaintings, acryls, sketchs, ceramics and at weekends writer.
Intrested into history of art, I love the past ways same as ways of nowadays.
What to say about my style? Some people tell that I have large focus in style, but this is just becouse of my love to eclecticism, and becouse I am young enought - people see that so.

graffity on ruin

Robert Holba

What you can find in my artwork is escape from bad feelings for instance depresion or sickness and chance to look around for something else and better.

atelier at flat

Robert Holba

I spend free time mostly outside or at home where my atelier is part of flat.
You can feel in this place coffee, terpentine, and sometimes smell of aromathic oil.

past atelier

Robert Holba

The problem of place to create is still actualy, like in past times - fuck, I am 32years old and I have no ground under feets - what about atelier. This on picture, one of past places which I open this way have no more three months lifespan...
but now I hope I finaly did it well, so I can work and create, but it's still not enought, did You ever sleep in same flat where you use terpentine? Not, that's fun, don't worry, I like it. Why to do something, what You don't like?


If you have some question, you can contact me on mail: robertholba@yahoo.com
R. Holba